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Same Song ~ Next Verse

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Today is Day 4 and it’s much the same. I’m thinking about smoking 24/7 and having a real hard time with it despite reminding myself of all the reasons I want to quit and the benefits of doing so. The good part about that is, I’m not thinking about the wine I’m not drinking. The food aspect is great, but it’s easy when you like what you eat and one dish lasts all week. Sleep is getting better but needs to be longer. Stress will be better once these damn nicotine cravings go away. This is all about the whole picture – not just nutrition, but I’m starting to feel like I may need 30 days just to get over the fucking cigarettes and another 30 to be able to deal with everything else.

This morning was more ugly egg muffins with the last of Greg and Dorothy’s smoked butt.  Lunch was another roast beast salad with the awesome pear infused vinegar, some black olives, grilled asparagus and a La Croix carbonated water. Dinner, finally, I seemed to be back to my normal lack of hunger in the evening. Since I wasn’t real hungry, I whipped up more of Melissa’s cumin/chili powder okra – this is definitely a keeper of a recipe!

I’ve got oxtails thawing in the fridge and look forward to making this recipe tomorrow night or Saturday. Doesn’t it look good?

I’m off to walk the kiddo and instead of listening to any of my favorite podcasts, I think I’m going to jam to some good tunes.  Music is healing and soothing to the soul.  It’s also conducive to the mind being mentally confused and prone to wandering. I probably wouldn’t remember or comprehend half of anything in a podcast tonight. Now to choose what I’m in the mood for… Broadway tunes, country, southern rock, folk, cajun, rock, classics, standards, smooth jazz….. We’ll see, I reckon. What do you listen to when you’re dispirited?


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August 18, 2011 at 8:47 pm

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