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Well, today is Day 15 of the Whole 9 challenge. It’s hard to believe we’re already halfway through what I thought was going to be a much more difficult time.  I suppose fixing one thing on Sundays and eating it all week has contributed to the ease with which I’ve been able to manage my nutrition. I think, too, quitting smoking and giving up my wine has been more in the forefront of my mind than food.

I can say that the cravings are finally starting to diminish somewhat – not as much as I would like – but somewhat nontheless. This weekend I cleaned the Baja, washed all the pupkiss off the windows, vacuumed and topped it all off with one of them thar fancy schmancy air freshener thingies you hang on the ac vent. The Bath & Body Works excursion proved to be an awesome idea.  My house now smells like fresh cotton and the bedroom smells like lavender. I walk around inhaling deeply every where I go.

by Amelie at brooklyn to west blog

When I smoked, I would always crack the window a bit to keep the smoke out of the car and to flick my cigarette ash out as I drove. When I stopped at red lights I’d lower the window all the way down and hold my arm out the window.  Well, since quitting, I still drive with my window cracked or all the way down – well, until this morning. This morning I had the window cracked as I pulled out of the neighborhood but kept getting these little flowery whiffs of air in my nostrils. Sweet, nice smelling whiffs. I realized it was ME.  I smelled really good!  I coated my body in the new “Forever Sunshine” lotion from B&BW after my shower and thought it smelled good then but in the car it was concentrated and it smelled good. So, I did what any self-respecting non-smoker would do; I rolled up my window and breathed deeply the rest of the way into work. It was like having a bouquet of beautiful flowers on my dashboard.

Tonight is water aerobics and I love that class but tonight the “chat club” pissed me off. I won’t say they’re “old ladies” but they are older than me (in the 60’s) and they go to synagogue together, so they know each other outside of  RDV. They come in with their hair fixed just so and full makeup on.  They gather in the pool half-assed waving their arms around and chit chatting the whole class.  Nary a hair gets wet through the whole class.

I work my arse off in class. I do every exercise as hard and fast as I can. I’m there for a workout and, yes, my hair gets wet. Sometimes on purpose just to cool off. So, anyway, we were doing flutter kicks and reverse breaststrokes backwards. I caught up with the gaggle and they yelled I was going too fast.  I wanted to yell back that some of us were there to work out, not visit. GGGrrrrrr…… I just turned around and started going back the opposite direction, but geeze do they piss me off sometimes.

Food today – eggs for breakfast. Beef kebabs from Cavallari’s Deli for lunch. Not sure what I’ll have for supper. I found canned conch at the deli this weekend and bought a can. I might try my hand at making some conch fritters – Whole 9 style.

To catch up on the weekend:

Saturday – Eggs for breakfast and Shrimp kebabs for late lunch/early dinner with sweet potato fries.

Sunday – Leftover shrimp for breakfast and steak with steamed veggies for supper.


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August 29, 2011 at 7:58 pm

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  1. You should have looked those mean old ladies straight in the eyes and with a serious expression on your face said, “Me? I just pee’d where ya’ll are standing and I, for one, want to get outta there!” Be sure to point at the water that surrounds them.


    August 30, 2011 at 2:35 pm

  2. HA! Wish I was that quick on my feet. I’ll remember for next time – cause you know there’ll be a next time. 😀


    August 30, 2011 at 6:37 pm

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