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Day 8 was on Monday.

Breakfast – 2 eggs scrambled with onion

Lunch – Oxtail Soup and spinach salad with snow peas, cucumber & pear vinegar with olive oil

WOO HOO – Deep Water Aerobics for an hour – I really miss this class when I don’t get to go.

Dinner – Shrimp, asparagus curry – it’s a recipe from Cooking Light magazine and one of my favorites.  I just have it without the rice these days.










Day 9 – Today, Tuesday

Breakfast – 2 scrambled eggs

Lunch – Oxtail soup and romaine lettuce salad with snow peas, cucumber & pear vinegar with olive oil

WOO HOO – Water Zumba! – Again, so nice to be back in the gym after last week

Dinner – Shrimp asparagus curry

Still struggling with the nicotine addiction but, thankfully, I think I can say it is getting better – not as much as I would like – but it is getting better.

My uncle was admitted to the ER and ICU last week due to an acute attack of some sort that was caused by COPD, emphysema and sleep apnea. He’s a big man who enjoys his southern fried everything and smokes – dunno when he started smoking but now that he has COPD and it’s this bad, I understand that his life will never be the same.  COPD is not reversible and only gets worse. This is not a situation I want to find myself in, so perhaps this is one reason the quitting is getting easier.

I do so love eating this way and am surprisingly not missing the dairy and nightshades like I thought I would.  I will be happy to add them back in when the challenge is over, but it’s not been difficult or felt like deprivation at all. I am looking forward to getting blood tests done after the challenge and hope the scale reflects the benefits of these changes.


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August 23, 2011 at 8:39 pm

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  1. Great work Sonya! You have made it through the hardest part. I can’t wait to have some cheddar cheese.. mmmmm

    Cave Dad

    August 23, 2011 at 9:08 pm

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